Custom-made cabinets for your home

Your home has not been built for cabinets. That’s why Inaria’s sliding door cabinets are always custom-made according to the measurements of your home – as Finnish quality work. From our extensive range, you can find suitable cabinets for your hallway, living room as well as your bedroom, and their every detail is implemented following your wishes.

Finnish Inaria storage solutions with sliding doors save space and give you plenty of opportunities to decorate your home as you wish. It is no wonder that custom-made furniture looks good and always fits in the correct space. Learn more about our options and decoration ideas below – find the cabinet of your dreams; a good-looking part of your home’s decoration for decades.

Hall cabinets keep your clothes and accessories always ready to go out with you.
Custom-made wardrobes are guaranteed to suit your decoration.
Sideboards help you divide your room and create good-looking storage space.
A place for your television, DVD collection and whatever you happen to need. Equipped with drawers or sliding doors.
Storage space for your books and other items you want to display and protect from dust.
Whether you have room for a small walk-in closet or a large dressing room – check this out!
Room dividers help create functional premises for working, dining or just for lounging around.


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